In the context of the UBC group
the finance sector plays a pivotal role
through its various financial companies

United Builders Company (UBC), serving as the mother company, offers an extensive range of financial products and solutions to governments and companies worldwide for more than 20 years. It leverages its vast network of private bankers and well-reputed financial institutions to provide exceptional services.

UBC’s financial offerings encompass investment advisory services, debt restructuring, wealth management, mutual funds, and portfolio management. These services cater to the diverse needs of clients, allowing them to make informed investment decisions and manage their assets effectively.

UBC Real Financial Limited

The third financial company within the UBC group is UBC Real Financial Limited. This company specializes in facilitating financing for large-scale projects, collaborating with UBC partners worldwide. UBC Real Financial Limited plays a crucial role in the funding and management of ambitious projects, contributing to their successful execution.

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