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UBC Group is a prominent
player in the real estate sector

UBC Group is a prominent player in the real estate sector, with its subsidiary companies UBC Real Estate in Turkey and BlueAddress by UBC in Dubai. Let’s explore an example of their operations in both locations:

UBC Real Estate in Turkey

UBC Real Estate, a subsidiary of UBC Group, operates in the vibrant Turkish real estate market. They focus on developing residential and commercial properties in major cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Trabzon, Ankara, and Izmir. UBC Real Estate aims to provide high-quality properties with innovative designs, amenities, and sustainable features, catering to the growing demand in the Turkish real estate market.

UBC Real Estate, a firm specializing in brokerage, leasing, and real estate investment consulting, is led by a team of experts who offer customized solutions to clients worldwide. Despite a highly competitive market, UBC Real Estate has successfully established partnerships with the largest and most lucrative project developers in the region, enabling them to operate as brokers. The company’s primary focus is on fostering relationships and generating long-term investments, ensuring that both business partners and clients make wise investments and achieve optimal returns. With over 10 years of experience and proficiency in more than 5 international languages, our dedicated sales and leasing team is just a phone call away from turning your investment dreams into reality.

BlueAddress by UBC in Dubai

BlueAddress by UBC is another subsidiary of UBC Group, specializing in real estate operations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are known for their expertise in luxury residential properties and high-end developments. With a focus on premium quality and exquisite design, BlueAddress by UBC aims to cater to the affluent clientele in the Dubai real estate market.

Both UBC Real Estate in Turkey and BlueAddress by UBC in Dubai are integral parts of UBC Group’s global real estate portfolio, offering unique and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their clients in these respective regions.

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